About Us

About Us
About Us

The Asian-American National Committee, Inc. has been actively and proudly serving as an official and duly recognized NGO of the United States Government along with being a bona fide national advocacy organization for the past twenty-one (21) years.

Tuan D. Nguyen, A.L.M., the Founder, Chairman and CEO, an award-winning and transformational leader, and “Make It Happen” business and Civil rights leader, has duly founded the Asian-American National Committee, Inc., (AANC), as a professional public service corporation, also serving as a professional public service conglomerate and national referrals for all Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Native-Americans, and others throughout the United States. Moreover, the AANC was also founded and specifically organized to be the proactive, vocal, and goal-oriented national general and legal representatives of and for, all Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Native-Americans, along with their small and medium-sized businesses, corporations and organizations, colleges and universities, and others throughout the United States and abroad. Incorporated and founded in 2000, AANC is an influential, effective, and innovative national educational, business and legal services, political, privacy/civil rights, and advocacy organization in the United States.

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A non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt, national membership and community-based corporation. AANC proactively advises, coordinates and/or collaborates with distinguished members of the United States Congress, the executive branch, the administrative agencies, national and state leaders, experts, law firms, corporations and business groups, colleges and universities, non-profit and faith-based organizations, foundations, international organizations, and various federal, state and local government agencies in the United States of America.

The AANC is a consultative member pending, United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), NGO Branch, Consultative Status. The AANC is also a full participating board member for the first-ever UNHCR's Global Refugee Forum www.unhcr.org/global-refugee-forum in Washington DC, New York, and Geneva. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Join and become a member of and/or donate to the Asian-American National Committee, Inc. via our secure website. Experience our wide range of member programs, customized services and much more. Become a member and/or donate today. We are an inclusive national membership corporation, thus we encourage all peoples coming from various backgrounds to join us and/or to contribute, thus directly providing us with the necessary resources in achieving our enviable national missions and much-needed purposes, as set forth hereto.

We are always striving to serve you better and to steadfastly protect, defend, secure, and to advocate for the fundamental human rights and civil rights, along with diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Native-Americans, and others throughout the United States and abroad.